Get to know Darren & Carol, the CEOs of Offroad Hybrid Caravans, QLD.

Q. How did Offroad Hybrid Caravans in Bribie Island begin?

Camping and caravanning is something Carol & I have been extremely passionate about for 30+ years. So when the opportunity arose, it made sense to start Offroad Hybrids. Now we get to share our experience of hybrid campers with others so they can experience the same.

Q. What do you love most about your hybrid caravans?

Oh, many things. One is that our offroad hybrid caravans are a mix of a caravan and a camper trailer. So you get the manoeuvrability of a camper trailer with the luxury of a caravan. This is a big plus when you’re out on the road and want to visit a particular spot but can’t because your caravan won’t make it through the rougher terrain.

And any serious camper or road warrior will tell you that having a caravan that is easy and quick to set up and take down is a godsend. And because we’ve been caravanning and camping for over 30 years, we know first-hand what is important out on the road and what is not.

Q. What makes you different?

We are a family business that listens to our customers and understands everybody has different wants and needs,

From families, to singles and couples we can customise to get the right Hybrid for you.

Q. What do you do best?

Good old fashioned Service. From choosing the right Hybrid, to setting up your vehicle up safely and most importantly the after sales support you deserve.     

There are many things we are proud of here, and a lot more to our story than this, so read more here or visit us at the Cleveland Caravan, Camping, Boating & 4×4 Expo site OS200.