Revolutionise your camping experience

Excited to take to the Cleveland Caravan, Camping, Boating & 4×4 Expo, the team at Trayon are ready to revolutionise your camping experience and take you to places you’ve only dreamed of.

In 1994, amidst the release of the first-ever PlayStation and the patenting of the Segway, something remarkable was born in Australia – Trayon, the leading name in Australian-made campers. With a focus on camping, off-roading, and exploring the diverse landscapes of Australia, Trayon introduced a slide-on camper that redefined the market.

The team at Trayon combined their trade skills of cabinetmaking, building, and motor vehicle manufacturing to engineer a slide-on camper that could withstand the rugged Australian Outback while offering comfort and ease of travel. They realised that traditional slide-on campers lacked a harmonious relationship with the vehicle, especially when tackling rough Australian roads. Hence, the key to their success was creating a design that allowed the camper and vehicle to work as one.

Trayon’s breakthrough design required a rethinking of slide-on campers. As off-road vehicles became more specialised, people started exploring challenging terrains more frequently. However, traditional slide-on campers couldn’t keep up with these demands, calling for a new approach. Trayon focused on designing campers that were lightweight, low-profile, structurally sound, and adaptable to various conditions and landscapes.

To achieve their goal of seamless travel and exploration, Trayon established a set of design principles that included lightweight construction, distributing weight forward and low, maintaining a low profile, ensuring structural integrity, enabling retro-fitability, promoting multiple purposes for each item, and adhering to a “Keep It Simple” philosophy. By employing these principles, Trayon campers provide travelers with the true benefits of camping and unlock the beauty of remote landscapes.

If you’re passionate about off-road adventures and exploring the breathtaking Australian wilderness, Trayon campers offer the perfect solution. With their unmatched lightweight design, Trayon campers keep your vehicle nimble and adaptable to challenging terrains. Moreover, their commitment to continual improvement ensures you get the best camping experience with comfort and convenience in mind.

Go see the team for yourself at the Cleveland Caravan, Camping, Boating & 4×4 Expo, site OS147.